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The Team Behind the Web Site!

Ixora was born out of the Mayflower Health and Beauty Clinic, an unusual start but we realised that there was little help for beauty salons looking to improve their marketing and web site designers seemed to have no idea about the needs of beauty salons.

The owners, Joanna and Andrew have extensive experience in their relevant fields and a support team of experts to call upon when needed for specialised projects.


website designer Andy PhilpotAndrew Philpot.

Website designer and programmer, I studied programming at University and have over 25 years experience in Industrial Software Design.

I took up web design 10 years ago partly out of interest but mainly to help promote my wife's fledging beauty salon. Now we are the proud owners of the Mayflower Health and Beauty Clinic in Beaconsfield, and I do web design and promotion full time.

I have a passion for "getting it right first time" which comes not only from personal pride in my work but also from over 25 years in industry. To remain competitive you need to get it right and can't afford to produce software that might "crash" when it is controlling £25 million worth of machinery!


Marketing Manager Joanna PittJoanna Pitt.

The Managing Director and driving force behind the team. Her advice and guidance is invaluable and she keeps us on the straight and narrow. Extensively traveled she spent 5 years living in Hong Kong returning to the UK just after the handover back to China. She has studied marketing and management for several years.


We use various other freelance professionals especially for logo design and special projects.




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