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Website Optimisation is not a Black Art

SEO - What does it mean? It is simply optimising your web pages to gain the highest possible rankings in the search engines and that's where you want to be - right at the top of the search engines.

If you listen some people they will have you believe that website optimisation is highly technical and will cost a fortune. Not so. Most optimisation can be done by following simple rules to ensure that the structure of your web pages and the keyword density on thoses pages is optimun.


What is by Keyword Density?

Well keywords are the words or phrases that you expect people to use to search for your webpage, and note I said page, NOT site. It is the indivudal pages that are optimised for given search terms.

There is a lot of hype these days about SEO and certainly many companies are making a very large profit promoting search engine optimisation as a separate package to website building but we believe in doing it "right first time."

We build pages that are attractive to search engines and promote a few key terms on each page. We then don't then need to go back to modify the whole web site for search engine optimisation at some later date.

To find out what your keyword density is just enter your website address in the box below and you will get an instant free report.


Low Cost SEO

If you are not getting many visitors to your site then why not contact us for a no obligation quote to see how our low cost seo package may help. While we won't say that we are cheap, we still think you will be pleasantly surprised.

To find out more about SEO and how we can help improve your web site performance, please fill in the following....


web site design info



time to build site


Once we have agreed what you require from your website we would put up a holding page within a few hours and the remainder of your site within a few days.




design process


We begin by trying to understand what you want out of your website, maybe you have seen some sites that you like, this will give us an idea of what you are looking for...




valid xhtml

We design all our website's. using valid code and this may be checked by clicking on the above image. Validity is one of the quality criteria for a Web page, but there are many others. In other words, a valid Web page is not necessarily a good web page, but an invalid Web page has little chance of being a good web page. Before choosing any web designer try running their pages through the W3C validity checker.





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