Conversion Ratio

How to Increase Your Web site Sales

Many experts claim that the conversion ratio, the number of web site visitors per sale is often around 1%. This means that you need 100 visitors to make 1 sale. We can only guess how true this is, certainly on our web sites it would seem to be nearer 5%.

Whatever the ratio there are many things you can do to achieve as high a conversion ratio as possible. I believe in continuous improvement, you should never be satisfied. Always look for ways to improve your web site and therefore your conversion ratio.

In his book "The Big Red Fez", Seth Godin, the man Business Week called the 'Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age,' Seth uses the term "where's the banana?" He equates web site visitors to monkeys. Monkeys want to know one thing: Where's the banana? Likewise with web site visitors, don't leave them guessing.

Make it easy for your customers, point them in the right direction, lead them by the hand and tell them exactly what you want them to do. Don't hide your sign-up buttons or make your navigation difficult because you will lose sales.

Make it obvious on your web site what it is that you do, exactly what do you sell. Ensure that your visitors can see this as soon as they land on your page.

Keep fancy graphics to a minimum, they slow down page loads and distract your visitors.






















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