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There is no shortage of people out there trying to sell you a website – all claiming that their site is the best. But since it’s so important to get the right website for your Beauty Salon, I want to ask you an important question:


Why should you listen to me?

Well, in addition to having all the qualifications and experience you should expect from a web site designer, here’s a little something that makes me different from all the other designers …


I have my own Beauty Salon.

Well really the beauty salon is my wife's but I am a Director and help her run the salon. Obviously I don't do any treatments but I have spent quite a few of my Saturdays as a stand in receptionist, much to the delight and amusement of some of the clients! My main role is promoting and improving our website. To get it right you really have to know your stuff. I was an Industrial Software Engineer for twenty five years until I was made redundant at which point I decided to study marketing and combine that with my software skills to improve our beauty salon website and marketing. Now we are really starting to see good results.


We had a professional website built that did not work.

Maybe you already have a website but it's not generating any business for you. We know the feeling. When my wife started out as a beauty therapist renting a room at the back of a hairdressers I created our first site. It looked a bit scruffy but really started pulling in new clients. Over the years I refined it and added more pages and it achieved very high rankings in Google. In Spring of 2006 we had our salon professionally re-designed and to go with it we got an outside company to re-design our site. They started again from scratch and produced a very nice looking site but within a month we had disappeared from Google. That site cost us over £1200. We suddenly stopped getting new clients, all the hours of work I had put in over five years getting a good ranking was gone. Yes we now have a good looking site but we don't get any new customers.


A New Design.

I've now created our new beauty salon website for our business


and I can create one for you as well, in fact I'm aiming to create 100 or so over the next year. Each one in the format of


Your site will be part of our large network of beauty sites and this should be an absolute magnet for the search engines. If you prefer you may also choose to have your own domain name pointing to the same address. Let me explain.

Our salon

Why not let me design your beauty salon website?

First Impressions Count?


Did you find this page with a search engine? Did you find us near the top of one of the search engines? We specialise in writing pages that rank well for the most relevant search terms, and that is why our clients websites, as well as our own, feature highly in the search engines.


Call us today on 0800 000 0000


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time to build site


Once we have agreed what you require from your website we would put up a holding page within a few hours and the remainder of your site within a few days.




design process


We begin by trying to understand what you want out of your website, maybe you have seen some sites that you like, this will give us an idea of what you are looking for...




special offer web

For a limited time we are able to offer 5 extra pages free worth over £228 with all new websites.



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We design all our websites using valid code and this may be checked by clicking on the above image. ...more


To find out more about our websites please fill in the following....







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